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Finding a Pet-Friendly Bed and Breakfast

Many people enjoy traveling and if you have pets, it is important to find a bed and breakfast that is going to allow you to bring your pet along. If you plan your vacation or getaway at the last minute, you may find it is going to be hard to find some place for your pets to go which is why planning ahead is better.

While many choose to leave their pets with family, friends, or at pet sitters, many choose to include their pet as a part of the family and take their pets with them. There are now more and more bed and breakfast sites regardless of where your next holiday or family vacation trip takes you.

Research Online

The first place you should look into bed and breakfasts is the internet. While it can seem a bit overwhelming, you can find the perfect one for you. It can be hard to know from pictures, and that is why you can take the next step and call and speak to someone. Keep in mind though that while you find a B&B that is pet friendly, it may have some restrictions as to the pet size and breed you can bring. There may be some places that will only allow you to bring a pet if they are well behaved. Many places will have a website and they will list their guidelines and what is accepted there.

Ensuring a Bed & Breakfast is Pet Friendly

Once you have planned and booked a vacation, you need to ensure you can bring your pet along. You can call your selected bed and breakfast to confirm your reservation and find out if you need to bring anything for your animal.Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfasts

Do They Have an Intimate Atmosphere?

You should make sure that the bed and breakfast has a pet friendly area for your pet. Make sure it’s quiet and will allow your animal to get adequate rest. If you have a dog, they are going to have to be house trained and should not bark or bother other guests.

Are There Extra Charges?

There are several bed and breakfast locations that charge extra for certain animals such as larger dogs. There are some that will not require a fee, but they will ask for a deposit that is refunded as long as there is no damage from your pet. If you plan on staying extra nights past your reservation, there may be additional charges for your pet.

Packing for Your Pet

You need to pack everything your pet will need. Make sure you pack enough food and if there are any toys they like you may want to pack those as well. Pack a leash for dogs so they don’t run off. Pack any medicines they may be taking as well. Pack their bed to allow them to have a piece of home with them. This can make them feel a little more comfortable.

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